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Thank you for your visit to this place which is mine. I invite you to discover what I propose to support you in your personal evolution. Take a seat, settle down, you are here at home... 

Holistic therapy considers the person as a whole and does not separate any of its dimensions. We consider that the being we are is not a body on one side and a spirit on the other but an indistinct and indivisible whole. 


My personal approach is well beyond a materialistic perception of "body, mind". It is above all spiritual and I recognize in everyone a soul, a spirit and a body. Also, far from any religious dogma, I recognize the existence of a supra consciousness at the origin of your incarnation in this life there. 


This is how I work on the three levels: "Soul, Spirit, Body" using tools such as spiritual hypnosis and regression, multidimentional music, intuitive art and the  tirage of cards for the soul, therapeutic hypnosis and NLP for the mind and dietary supplements, pulsed magnetic fields for the suffering of the body. 


So your soul is your deep essence, the one that has passed through the ages and knows everything. It is she who is at the origin of your incarnations and your mission of life. 

Your mind, also called "ego" or "mental" is the clothes your soul wears in this incarnation. It represents your personality, shaped by your personal history and it is also what makes you suffer when you are not well. 


In this reality, your body is the vehicle of your soul, dressed in your mind, to live experiences, learn and carry out your life mission. It is also he who makes you suffer when you do not take care of him, when you do not take care of your deep desires. He is the witness of your silent sufferings, of your unspoken, and of your melancholy. 


The logo that illustrates my activity is the triquetra, three shapes entangled with each other: the soul, the mind and the body because they are indivisible. The outer circle represents the magnetic field that envelops, the sun at the top represents the 3rd eye : intuition, spiritual. 


I consult remotely via zoom or messenger and in the office in Saint Brévin les Pins. 


PS : Please notice that i  consult via zoom for english speakers only for spiritual and regression Hypnosis 


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